Lease Lines

Get exceptional speeds with a private lease line, a perfect solution for any business.

We provide all of our network service connections at the highest speeds available and we have the capability to deliver any requirement nationwide.

Within the UK there are two major wholesale providers, BT Wholesale and Virgin Media. Telecom Direct has relationships with both and as such, where optical fibre can be provided, Telecom Direct will provide and manage at the most competitive prices in the market.

The advantage of using optical fibre is the speed at which data can be transmitted in both directions and there is an upgrade path to speeds far in excess of what the largest enterprise currently needs.

EFM circuits, Managed Leased Lines, Fibre Connections and a wide range of ADSL packages are all supplied and managed by Telecom Direct.

We carry out all the necessary availability checks in your local exchange to determine the maximum speeds available. Due to Telecom Direct being independent we will advise the speeds and the providers available at the most competitive prices.

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